Major Works Completed

reactor trap decontamination project

Reactor Trap

Major MOCVD reactor exhaust cleaning contracts within the UK and Europe.
Services undertaken:
  • Innovative cleaning process
  • Bespoke facility design for effective and efficient decontamination
  • Regulated drying of components
  • Provision and modification of UN approved containers
  • Machining and repair to prolong life of components
  • Design input on configuration of traps
  • Agreed turnaround times
abatement systems project 2

Abatement Systems
(Including MOCVD)

Designed, manufactured and installed circa over 300 systems, within the UK and export to China, Taiwan, USA and Europe. These systems are predominately utilised within the Compound Semiconductor industry.
Additional works:
  • Bespoke automated centralised chemical dosing plant
  • Installation of multi reactor scrubbing systems & associated chemical plants
  • Additional design of fume extraction plant and ducting
  • Design of largest single fan extract system
  • Design to fit existing footprint of previous system
  • Risk reduction of relocated extract fan from height to ground floor
decontamination decommissioning project

Decommissioning & FSC

Spectrum of works incorporating plating plants, major new fab, & clean rooms.
  • Number of MOCVD reactors decontaminated, decommissioned and removed
  • Demolition of decontaminated Military building
  • Complete strip out of large redundant semiconductor manufacturing plant
  • Decommission and disposal of customer’s end of life abatement systems
hazardous waste project


Within the service we provide for reactor trap cleaning, hazardous waste is a residual item that needs effective treatment and disposal. In addition we have also undertaken identification and removal as follows:
  • Identification & safe disposal of gas cylinders circa 1940’s, found to contain CIF3
  • Large tanks with unknown content, categorised and safely disposed
  • Military grade CS gas facility decontaminated
  • Removal and disposal of bulk nitrogen tank
  • Draining of large transformer housing